14° bidding round gets more subscribers

Approvals of registration for the 14th round of Bids, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, on September 27, are going full steam ahead. Now seven more companies join those already adopted by the Special Committee of Bidding (CEL) of the national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP).

Among the newly approved companies are the three Brazilians: Alvopetro S/extraction of Petroleum and Natural gas, Products, Services and mining Bertek Ltda. and Rosneft E&P Brazil Ltda. Already foreign women are: Capricorn Brazil oil & gas (India), Gran Tierra Energy Brazil Ltda. (Canada), Rosneft E&P Brazil Ltda. (Russia) and Tek oil & gas Ltd. (China).

So far 28 companies were approved for the 14th round of bids. In all, 36 have filled the registration form for participation in the round. Does good winds waiting for Brazil and, consequently, to Brazilian companies and their workers after the bidding round of number 14? Let's just wait and see!

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