Gas leak prohibited BR-101

A natural gas leak at km 128 of the BR-101, in São Miguel dos Campos, provoked the interdiction of the highway this Sunday (7). According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), there is no prediction for the release of the road.

The leak occurred in a Petrobras natural gas extraction well. The deviation for the drivers that try to pass through the route happens by the municipalities of Marechal Deodoro (AL-215) and Barra de São Miguel (AL-220).

At PRF, technicians working on the site reported that maintenance was being performed and a valve broke, causing the leak. The PRF said that the technicians reported that the equipment to solve the problem is coming from Rio Grande do Norte and should arrive in the late afternoon to Alagoas.

By way of note, Petrobras reported that gas leakage was identified during a production test at the natural gas well in São Miguel dos Campos, that there were no casualties and that regulators were notified. Also according to the note, emergency response teams were immediately triggered and the area was preventively isolated.

As long as the problem persists, the BR-101 will remain interdicted.

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