1,700,000 barrels of oil will be withdrawn from the market

It seems that the agreement of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) has been working. The fact is that, even with high and low, the oil comes rising. To give you an idea the price of a barrel of OPEC rose 20% in December last year, worth on average $51.67. The average price of 2016 stood at 40.76 dollars.

The agreement between the participating countries of OPEC aims to remove 1,200,000 barrels per day from the market and even those who are not part of the organization such as Russia, Mexico and Kazakhstan, for example, accepted much of the reduction, which will cause the total production is reduced in 1,758,000 barrels per day.

According to OPEC's calculations, the world will need 32,600,000 barrels per day. A Commission was created to assess the commitment of the countries that have accepted the oil reduction, after the agreement.

The crowd is, without doubt, to the oil go up and that in 2017 the purpose of eliminating the excess global supply is achieved. If you want more details about the offshore world continue interacting with the Panorama, for the last few months were sufficient to demonstrate that the portal is the ideal tool for those who need and seek quality information and news about oil, gas and offshore. Remember: your business. Check out: www.panoramaoffshore.com.br www.facebook.com/panoramaoffshore


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