1st Foreign Trade Regulatory agenda

Already in the foreign Chamber of Commerce-Camex of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign trade and services, there is public consultation of 1a. Regulatory Agenda for the 2018/2019. The external Trade regulatory Agenda consists of a planning instrument to assist in the identification and organization of strategic themes that will be accompanied by the Camex (Executive secretariat of the Chamber of Commerce) in the next calendar.

This initiative also promotes transparency and predictability, as it will make public the priority actions that Camex intends to put into practice between the various regulatory bodies with an impact on foreign trade and enable the monitoring and participation of companies and Society.

The Brazilian Foreign Chamber of Commerce emphasizes that it is important to highlight that it is not intended with the regulatory Agenda, to define an exhaustive list of matters that propose regulation in the period. The regulatory Agenda indicates only matters with priority of action and follow-up.

Information on public consultation and the main topics to be addressed are available (with forms for the participation of companies and institutions) on the website of Camex, which are: Customs, foreign trade Procedures and trade facilitation (Camex, RFB, Suframa and CNPQ); Technical and sanitary regulations (Anvisa, map and Inmetro); Products of the industrial defense base, sensitive goods and control of chemicals (MCTIC, MD and DPF; Financing and Guarantees (CAMEX); Commercial defense; Export processing zones (CZPE MDIC); Transport and Logistics (ANTT, ANAC and ANTAQ); E, public services and purchases (SCS do MDIC, MS and MPDG).


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