COVID-19: Work suspended on Petrobras platforms

Petrobras will relocate to other functions or shut down several workers through its voluntary dismissal program. Part of this is due to the cut of 200,000 barrels per day in the oil production established by the state. So far, oil officials' representatives estimate that about 2,600 workers will be affected, and 50 state-owned units could be stopped.

On The last day 8, Petrobras sent a letter to the oil unions highlighting the delicate situation in the face of the current coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the need to adopt measures that cut costs was highlighted. The state also said it will paralyze units on the coast of several states.

According to the company, the units that will stop are in shallow water and land fields and have a higher production cost. The Campos Basin, in the North of Rio de Janeiro, will be one of the hardest hit with the hibernation of several units. It is worth remembering that the basin already represented about 80% of the total production.

Finally, Petrobras said it will stop production of six platforms in the Campos Basin, but did not clearly indicate how many units will be halted. According to industry sources, six other units will also have activities paralyzed on the coast of Norte Fluminense.


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