30 years of exploration in well Urucu

In 2016 was completed 30 years since the oil gushed from the well for the first time pioneer Urucu 1 number (RUC-1), which gave rise to the Urucu oil Province, in the Amazon, Earth's largest proven reserves of oil equivalent (oil and gas) in the country.

The Urucu oil, one of the lightest produced in the country (the lighter, better quality), facilitates its processing in refineries and allows the use in the production of gasoline, petrochemical naphtha, diesel oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). In October this year, the complex registered 35,387 production barrels of oil per day and 13,900,000 cubic meters of natural gas, in addition to 1.2 ton of LPG, the equivalent to 112,000 canisters of cooking gas.


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