30% of BR Distribuidora go to privatization informs Petrobras

With the intention of following the Denationalization plan, Petrobras intends to sell about 30% of the shares of the largest fuel station company, BR Distribuidora. Thus, the state would reduce from 70% to 40% its participation in the company. The commercialization is underway, in the midst of conversations between banks and with one of the main investors, the American fund BlackRock Investment Stewardship.

The prediction is that the commercialization will be disclosed in the coming weeks and that its conclusion will happen until the end of this semester, totaling about R $8 billion of the negotiation. Currently, BR Distribuidora had the largest production of operation in the market with R $5 billion in the opening of capital, being considered the highest since 2013. The Total BR Collection last year was R $97.7 million.

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