40 years of the field Basin and $75 BI budget

To mark the commemorations of the 40 years of Petrobras in the Campos Basin, the president of the state, Pedro Kin, was in Macaé, when he announced investments for the sector of US $15 billion per year within the Business Plan and management 2017a 2021 of the company, totaling in five years the Val Or a $75 billion dollar.

Already the mayor of Macaé, Aluízio dos Santos Junior (PMDB), Dr. Aluízio, said it was an extremely generous meeting with unusual agenda, and marks more events and new investments.

“The region is ready for a fresh start, preparing for a new fundamental cycle for the region and for the country. This demonstrates the vigor that the region still has. We have direct signs of investments of U $3.5 billion by Petrobras along with Exxon. We have the announcement of the bid for the reform of 39 platforms, generating 3000 direct jobs. A fresh start with efficiency, competence, new jobs and avoiding waste, “exalts Dr. Aluízio.

According to information from Petrobras, the business plan and management 2017-2021 of the state states that 82% of this value will be directed to the area of exploration and production. For the other areas of business, investments will be intended to maintain operations and projects for the production of oil and natural gas, being 17% refining and natural gas and 1% for other areas.

CAMPOS Basin – completed 40 years on 16 December, and in 1974 was discovered oil in the basin, which originated as the base of Petrobras in the city of Macaé. The exploration only started at the end of 1977, with the Well 1-RJS-9-A, which gave rise to the field.

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