75% of onshore oil fields are in the NE

There are today under concession in Brazil 192 exploration blocks onshore, 75% are in the Northeast and 24 operators operate in these areas and Petrobras is the one that holds more than 20% of the concessions. The onshore and offshore difference between exploration and production on land and high seas are diverse. In the exploratory blocks close to 75% are operated by other companies, and Petrobras operates in the fields in production as operator, with 100% of shareholder composition of these areas.

As a major operator in the onshore segment, Petrobras is responsible for almost 100% of the oil generation and 94% of the natural gas exploited in the country.  Onshore production in Brazil is now unrepresentative when compared internationally, and represents approximately 0.2% of the world total. Regionally, the northeast is positioned as the largest reserve holder and oil production.

The North region has a higher position in relation to natural gas in proportion to the proven reserves and production of the regions of Brazil for oil and natural gas of onshore origin. The strong devaluation of the international oil barrel prices directly impacted the volume of these reserves, indicating a reduction in the economic viability of those areas, and even so, many foreign companies seek negotiations, such as the Premium-1 refinery, In Maranhão, Petrobras gave up already after the landscaped terrain, and is in commercial business recently by a Chinese company as informed by the Offshore Panorama.

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