ABNT promotes course on September 19

The Brazilian Association of technical standards (ABNT) will promote, on 19 September, in São Paulo, the course "Energy management systems: requirements with guidance for use of the standard ABNT NBR that 50001:2011. The standard is intended to allow companies to establish the necessary systems for improving the energy performance, including energy efficiency and consumption.

According to the Association, the standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organizations, regardless of geographical, cultural, or social conditions. During the course will be addressed topics such as: history of the development of ABNT NBR ISO 50001; TC242 structure and future planning; energy policy; energy planning; implementation and operation; critical analysis; among others.

As the market for oil, gas and energy come increasingly acrimonious and demanding, companies that come out in front are the ones that have courses and certifications required to become a differential. More information about the course via the website: www.abntcatalogo.com.br, email: capacitação@abnt.org.br or phone: (11) 2344-1725.

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