796 million liters of Biodiesel are awarded

The 56th Auction of the ANP were awarded Biodiesel 796,047,000 litres of biodiesel, and 99.8% of this volume from the Social fuel seal holders producers. Of these, 796,002,000 litres were for mandatory blend. The average price was $2,317/L, regardless of the margin, and the total value traded reached R $1.84 billion, reflecting a discount of 18.20% average when compared with the maximum average reference price (R $2,833 per litre).

Presentation and selection of biodiesel offers voluntary diesel oil mixing occurred on day 15 of August, where they were provided 6,840,000 liters. The 56th auction (L56) aims to ensure the biodiesel supply in the domestic market during the period from 01 September to 31 October 2017.

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