9 billion approved for the shipbuilding industry

The Board of Directors of the merchant marine Fund (CDFMM) approved R$ 9.15 billion to finance shipbuilding projects. Of this total, R$ 7.72 billion are for new projects and the rest to supplementations of ongoing projects and features replays of those not hired at the expiration date.

Of the total, R$ 3.18 billion related to the construction of five Suezmax-type tankers and 7 million for construction of transport ship petroleum derivates. Other R$ 2.45 billion in priorities were granted for construction of two repair yards, one in Paraiba and another in Rio de Janeiro. For the segment of maritime support, were deliberate priorities that add up to $1 billion for building six PSVs 4,500. The Council also approved 27,170,000 R$ for construction of three grain barges.

The next regular meeting of the CDFMM is scheduled for the day 27 April 2017. The deadline for candidates to submit projects for obtaining priority for financing with FUND resources at that meeting is up to 27 February 2017.


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