Brent’s price high consolidates production cut on 2018

The cuts in force promoted by the organization of oil-producing countries (OPEC) effect effects more than expected, and Brent oil barrel was quoted in this second week of January/2018 to R $69,37, according to the Financial Times, highest quotation since the year 2015 , “and was close to prices last seen in 2014, before the breakdown of commodity prices,” indicates sources of the magazine.

Specialist and analyst of the market as the consultant Olivier Jakob, consulting Petromatrix, says “We are in an environment in which the producers of OPEC and Russia have reduced their supply and stocks have fallen. At the same time, geopolitical issues concern “.

The U.S. government has already indicated that the oil stocks had fallen higher than expected and remained in 419.5 million barrels. The data from the American Institute of Petroleum published this year also pointed to an even larger stock reduction, and WTI oil, the New York Stock Exchange, was quoted at US $63,31 per barrel.

Countries associated with OPEC, which had casualties in their economies, received high prices positively, because it demanded acceleration since the cartel plus the Allies extended by the end of 2018 the production cut agreement.

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