The importance of drones increases in the offshore sector

The offshore world is growing and the 4.0 industry has assisted in expanding the market. The methods widely used today are drones that make oil inspections, aiming to improve safety, among others.

Drones enable high-quality data and accurately show the object for a skilled local inspection to be carried out for maintenance. In addition, it performs spatial analysis in 3d aspect, collecting, visualizing and obtaining information in real time.

The use of this feature brings many benefits to oil inspections:

-wide view of the area and quick evaluation in places of difficult access.

-Planning and optimization of preventive and production maintenance.

-access to areas that pose risks to health, safety and the environment.

-High level of security for field teams.

-High quality images and videos (crisp details of the locations analysed).

-Rapid deployment of the entire operation at the inspection site.

-operated by authorized and qualified inspectors and observers.

-Reduced downtime.

Information gathering is done through drones in high-risk areas, and the operator is in a safe place monitoring and guiding the equipment to better manage the data.

The future of the offshore market tends to grow even more. READ ALSO: Drones in the future of the offshore market.

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