The importance of voting in a class entity

It is very common to hear that the vote is only a must and does not change the status quo. This is because many people do not know the power of voting and the meaning that politics has in their lives, whether from a personal, business point of view or in their working relationship.

In a democracy, as in Brazil, elections are of fundamental importance, besides representing an act of citizenship. If this is true in relation to a country, where the designs of all citizens are decided, what not to say of a class entity that works in defense of the economic and business interests of the associates helping many times in the maintenance and permanence of a Business segment on the market.

It is not necessary to highlight here the importance of the machinery and equipment sector in the life of the country and in our own lives and nor that it is highlighted what the ABIMAQ/SINDIMAQ represents for the sector, especially in the deepening of relations with the Government and other Decision-makers of the nation, whether politically and/or institutional, with a direct impact on the lives of the members and in the survival of the sector, whether it is suggesting market actions, providing strategic information through the studies and research carried out or Acting directly through its parliamentary front of the machinery and equipment industry – FPMAQ.

In fact, we all know that ABIMAQ/SINDIMAQ has worked hard to improve the business environment, acting constantly with the executive and legislative powers. A recent example was labor reform, whose report and final text contemplated virtually all of our pleas, as well as the tax regularisation program – PRT, which had in its final report pleas our own, the result of intense work in the search For better credit conditions to the associates.

Important to remember the suggestions of amendments to the provisional measures involving the Reoneração of the payroll and the change of TJLP to TLP and our constant monitoring in the evolution of the safety standards of machinery-NR12 and in-content requirement Place in public concessions and in subsidized sectors with tax waivers and public funding.

Only an entity represented by the strength of its associates and by the vote that legitimizes the Board can act in this way, developing including a joint work with the management and the supervision of the BNDES, seeking improvement of the lines of financing and Improvement of the criterion used by the bank. Another example of representation and legitimacy are the constant debates with the legislature for the construction of a tax reform that puts Brazil and our industry in the first world, with a reduction of bureaucracy and tax isonomy, as well as the Incessant search for increased exports to the sector by means of financing lines, credit insurance and the Apex-Brasil project.

All these facts lead us to the need to reiterate the importance of the vote of the members the elections of ABIMAQ/SINDIMAQ for the period 2018 to 2022, mainly taking into consideration that our pleas have been contemplated, representing a Very important evolution for our sector.

Would we have the same result if we didn't have a strong and representative entity? Legitimized by the strength of our 1500 associates? We need everyone to participate in the process of reindustrialization of the country and the legitimacy of our current board to continue to plead our interests and defend our causes. In the exercise of democracy, we have no choice but to vote. So I count on you all on the 10th, 11th and 12th of April, personally or by proxy, at our headquarters in Sao Paulo, or in one of our regional headquarters to give legitimacy and representation to our work, which cannot stop.

John Carlos Marchesan
Chairman of the Board of Directors ABIMAQ/SINDIMAQ