The state PPSA wants to double its employees in the year 2019

The state PPSA, pre-salt petroleum, responsible for portraying the Union in the sharing contracts, can increase its staff next year due to the growth of the number of contracts in the pre-salt, and the advancement of oil production in the pre-salt area. The elevation in the functional framework will be given through the realization of a public tender that seeks the hiring of 50 employees in 2019.

According to Hercules Silva, the company's contract manager, the company has 44 employees being 30 in the commissioned positions and 14 two-year temporary employees. For this year there are still three more contracts to be signed concerning the fourth round of offers of pre-salt blocks under sharing, and also, the fifth round of pre-salt with forecast for September. That's why the company needs more manpower.

It is worth remembering that the wells contained in the pre-salt polygon are among the most productive in the world. The first contract referring to the Libra area reached a production of 40000 barrels a day in just one well.

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