Abegás seeks to create competition for Petrobrás

Spokesman for the distributors of natural gas, Abegás entered an administrative inquiry at the Administrative Council of Economic Defense (Cade) on Monday to definitively limit the dominance of Petrobrás in this market. The state, today, is the main saleswoman, buyer and carrier of the fuel. So the goal is to force her to retreat. The belief is that only then will there be competition and the price will fall.

On its own account, Petrobrás has shown intent to sell assets. But the vision of Abegás is that only this measure will not be sufficient to guarantee free competition. The entity defends even more restrictive measures, such as the review of gas sales contracts and the adoption of a price formula that should be worth to all purchasers. The idea is to separate the value of the molecule (of the product itself) from the cost of the delivery service of this gas.

The distributors also want Petrobrás to disclose the contracts signed with its customers, so that they are accompanied by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and the other agents in the sector, with which they will dispute market slices or provide the gas. They also ask that Petrobrás admits that, in the last five years, it has positioned itself to prevent competition. Therefore, they argue, should be penalised with the payment of fine.

Gas term

Cade evaluates the dominant presence of the state in the gas market and, in the coming days, must establish a term of commitment of cessation (CBT). Just as in refining, what is expected is that the oil company undertakes to sell assets, such as the holdings that it maintains in 19 state gas distributors, through its subsidiary Gaspetro, in addition to the logistical support infrastructure, as units of Natural gas processing (UPGN).

The vision of Abegás is that Cade needs to go beyond and demand "behavioral measures" to "prevent Petrobrás from continuing to control the supply and prices of natural gas in the Brazilian market," according to the survey. Another concern is that, with the sale of the oil company's assets, the market dominance is only transferred from the state to a private agent.

Search, the Abegás says your positioning is in the inquest. Petrobrás did not comment on the theme.

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