Covid-account joins large energy companies

According to information published by MegaWhat, ANEEL registered the accession of 49 distributors from a total of 53 companies in the energy sector to Conta-Covid. Companies and groups such as Neoenergia, Enel, Light, Energisa, EDP and Copel, among others, joined the initiative, whose application deadline ended last Friday (3). 

The initiative, which was created by the government and regulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), involves a loan to distributors made by a union of banks coordinated by BNDES, in the amount of up to R$ 16.1 billion.

According to statements sent to the market last week, Neoenergia requested about R$ 1.66 billion for its four companies. Light asked for around R$ 1.33 billion. The Energisa group requested approximately R$ 1.36 billion for its 11 concessionaires, while EDP requested a total of R$ 574 million for its two distributors.