Electricity bill may become more expensive with privatization of Eletrobras

The Provisional Measure (MP) 1.031/2021, which deals with the privatization of Eletrobras, was approved by Congress and now proceeds to sanction President Jair Bolsonaro. With the possibility of sanction, many have wondered what the impact would be on the electricity bill.

Although the government celebrated the measure, saying privatization could result in a 6.3% reduction in the electricity bill, experts disagree. Speculation is that with Eletrobras privatized, the electricity bill will increase by up to 25% for consumers, according to former Eletrobras president Luiz Pinguelli Rosa.

Nevertheless, the increase should not be immediate and will happen progressively for consumers. It is worth remembering that today, Eletrobras practices the lowest prices of the power generation market via power plants in the quota regime.


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