Petrobras shares soar after Trump statement

Petrobras shares rose sharply today (02) after the U.S. President Donald Trump to give a declaration of possible truce in the oil price war between Russians and Saudis.

On Twitter, Trump said he expects a cut in production of 10 million barrels of oil. Soon after, he said that the cut would still be 15 million barrels. The statement supposedly came from a us president's conversation with the Saudi prince, Mohammed bin Salman, who would have talked earlier with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As a means, Petrobras' shares were highlighted in gains, up to 17% for ON shares and 15.73% for PN assets, following the strong bullish movement of oil, with WTI and Brent coming up to 36%. However, the Russian government later denied the conversation between Putin and Salman on the oil market. The Saudis, on the other hand, confirmed the conversation between Trump and the prince, but were not given greater details about the dialogue.


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