Agreement intends to promote gas consumption in Pará

In a statement, the Norwegian Norsk Hydro reported that he sent a letter to the Government of Pará and a memorandum of understanding with Shell to replace part of the oil consumed in refining the Alunorte, by the use of natural gas.

The intention, according to the note, is to develop infrastructure to allow the use of natural gas in the region. The Norwegian still reported that before signing a definitive agreement with Shell oil company, the company will carry out a feasibility study to assess the possibilities, both technical and economic, for the progress of the project.

"The Hydro Alunorte would be the first significant consumer of gas and a facilitator for the establishment of a new infrastructure for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Pará. Natural gas is a preferred energy source due to its lower costs and emissions in comparison to the fuel oil, "Norsk Hydro scores.


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