Agreement on local content is important for the growth of the oil sector

During the event at the Brazilian Petroleum Institute (IBP), held on Wednesday, March 22, the president of Petrobras, Pedro Parente, he asked that the segments of the oil industry understand with the suppliers of machinery, equipment and services on local content policy. The goal is for the industry to develop as quickly as possible.

According to Parente, only with an appropriate regulatory framework is that international companies interested in investing in Brazil will be able to facilitate their actions. For him, what can be worse than a bad local content policy, but that generates contracts for the country, it is a system that does not provide any kind of contract, as has happened quite recently.

As Offshore Panorama released, the rules of local content percentage suffered drastic reductions. In exploratory activities she fell from 37% to 18%, and 50% to 25% in the production development. Besides the decrease from 65% to 25% of local content into the platform. However, these figures have generated enormous criticism, especially from suppliers of goods, services and equipment, which call for an adoption segment measures.


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