Postponement of the review of the calculation of royalties from oil can do Rio lose $3 billion

The crisis that has plagued the State of Rio de Janeiro comes mobilized parliamentarians to press the Ministry of mines and energy, to speed up the decision on the regulatory changes of oil royalties, as the Offshore Panorama comes reporting. However, the federal Government wants to postpone again the review of the calculation, which can make the State leave to raise $3 billion in royalties.

Even with the Minister's decision of the Supreme Court (STF), Luiz Fux, determining that the update "of minimum prices in force" of oil is made, since the calculation is outdated, the Union has sought measures to prevent the national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP) implement the new formula.

In another hearing, scheduled conciliation for the day may 3, between the Government of the Union River, ANP and Brazilian Association of companies for exploration and production of oil and gas (Abep), the federal Government should request the postponement of the implementation of the new calculation for three years, which can result in the loss of 1 billion a year in royalty collection in Rio de Janeiro , defasando the public coffers of the State.

According to Government sources, the decision to push the non-approval of the measure is the result of the action of oil, for which the change in the rules will keep investors in the sector and may cause cash-flow problems. The PNA should have presented the new calculation in March, however, agency and the Attorney General of the Union (AGU) requested postponement of the deadline, which was authorized by the Minister Fux.

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