Adjustment in energy tariff should be released today

THE ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) should disclose today (31), the value of the new adjustment of level 2 of the red flag. Last night (30), the Monitoring Committee of the Electricity Sector recommended that the amount charged that currently is R $ 9.49 per 100 kW / h should pass to R $ 14.20. The increase in the rate of the highest rate is due to the use of thermoelectric plants that were activated during the water crisis, however, they are more expensive and polluting plants.

Experts say the increase is necessary due to high production costs and is a way to anticipate that higher interest rates are not charged in the future. "If the government does not increase the value of the flag now, the consumer will pay in the coming years with the readjustment of the distributor, with higher interest," says Hugo Lott, energy specialist at GRID Energia.

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