Petrobras ' readjustments will be evaluated by the Senate and TCU

The Committee on Transparency, governance, oversight and consumer control and Protection (CTFC) of the Senate approved during a vote held on Tuesday, 23, and will ascertain with the aid of the TCU (Court of Auditors of the Union) the current policy of readjustment of Fuels practiced by Petrobras. The Commission may hold a public hearing before submitting, discussing and voting on the final report of the proposal.

The investigation will determine the price policy adopted by Petrobras since October 2016, which mainly affects the value of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas. Fuel adjustments have been influenced by the flow of the international market, causing greater unpredictability in the Brazilian consumer's pocket.

In March of this year, at the request of the federal government in the face of the threat of the truckers ' strike, Petrobras extended the deadline for fuel readjustment, committing itself not to make price changes within 15 days. Previously, the period was up to seven days.

Price disclosure
Petrobras has altered the way of disseminating the prices of diesel and gasoline sold in Brazil, and is now available daily through the state's website. According to the oil tanker, the measure aims to give more transparency to the process, since prices were disclosed based on an average price in the country.

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