Advantages and disadvantages of wind power

Produced through wind transformation, energy wind is a useful, renewable and clean source – a great alternative to fossil and polluting fuels. However, this energy generates some questions from scholars and the general population.

One of the big points is the noise pollution of turbines, which are not silent and can cause discomfort even at great distances. However, recently technology has sought to minimize this factor by producing next-generation wind turbines. Another point to be observed by some is the Visual pollution: some consider that a wind farm has a major impact on visual and some people do not consider. The impact on wildlife, known as a collision of bats and birds, is another negative point.

The main advantage of this type of energy is the decrease in dependence on fossil fuels, in addition to reducing the emission of carbon in the atmosphere. Another positive factor is that wind power is inexhaustible, and also has great cost-benefit in the investment item (in about 6 months recovers the energy spent on installation and maintenance). Finally, wind farms are great sources of job creation.


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