AES Tietê Energy Official purchase of the Guaimbê Solar complex

On Tuesday, September 4, AES Tietê Energia confirmed the purchase of all the shares representing the capital of five companies of specific purpose (SPEs), among them, the Guaimbê Solar complex of São Paulo.

The investment focused on solar power made by the company was R $607 million and the goal is to build a plan to act in the sustainable energy market in Brazil. The purpose is to compose 50% DeEbtida (profit before interest, taxes on depreciation and amortization) in 2020, with renewable sources.

Solar energy is used in Brazil in about 30000 houses and companies, as well as schools that already make use of solar plates. According to the entrepreneur, Pedro Rocha, adhering to sustainable energy can still cause many doubts because the spending on the deployment is high. However, the environmental issue speaks louder.

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