AES launches energy trading platform

AES Tietê made two important announcements last Tuesday (24). In addition to informing that it will adopt the name AES Brazil in the country, the generator also announced the launch of Energia+, a digital platform for commercialization to the "retail" of the electricity sector. According to the company's CEO, Ítalo Freitas Filho, innovation aims to facilitate the process of migrating consumers to the free contracting environment (FTA). 

The executive also talked about the company's strategic positioning of betting on the free contracting environment, working in all its segments of consumption with renewable energy and offering smart products. 

The other idea that the company bet to differentiate itself from competing platforms, is the offer of "additional" services, associated with the process of migration to the free market. In addition to buying energy from AES, the customer may, for example, hire an engineering company to adjust their entry point and even finance these costs with a fintech. 

AES, which is one of the largest in the sector and has water, wind and solar assets, aims at a potential "retail" market that can add up to between 170,000 and 200,000 new consumer units.


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