After accident, Petrobras will strengthen the monitoring of platforms

Petrobras entered into agreement with the Public Ministry of Labor in Rio de Janeiro (MPT-RJ) of judicial process motivated by explosion in the platform FPSO City São Mateus, in the north of the Holy Spirit, which occurred three years ago. At the time, the accident caused the deaths of nine people and 26 wounded, seven of them were in serious condition. In the agreement, the State is committed to supervise the maintenance of the platforms and to improve the management of risk situations to the workers embarked.

The process is part of a public Civil action against Petrobras and BW Offshore of Brazil, a company responsible for the operation of the oil rigs. During the investigations, it was found that the explosion in the vessel was motivated by leakage of oil derivative, called "Condensed".

After three years of judicial battle, Petrobras signed a treaty with MPT-RJ, in agreement establishing numerous clauses. In case of non-compliance, the company will have to pay a fine of R $200,000 for each infringement committed.

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