National Petroleum Agency amends rules to market first refining oils and rerrefinados

The ANP published on February 17, 2017 Resolution 669, which updates and unifies the rules directed to agents that sell basic oils of first refining and rerrefinados. These petroleum products are key inputs for the production of finished lubricants, such as lubricating oils and greases widely used in motor vehicles and industrial equipment.

The Resolution establishes the specifications for the base oils and the group I rerrefinados, and leaves it to the producers specifications for oils of groups II and III (obtained by physical-chemical treatment of crude fractions of petroleum or by direct synthesis from petrochemical feedstocks), also establishing the minimum tests that must be present in quality certificates issued by producers and importers.

The new regulation seeks to meet demands of the producers of finished lubricants, which needed more detailed information about the basic oils, besides allowing producers and importers change the characteristics of their products as the market demands and without the need for regulatory review current ANP.

Resolution replacing Ordinances ANP 129 and 130, published on July 30, 1999, and is part of the ANP effort to update the regulatory stock, simplify the rules and constantly improve the quality of oil products marketed nationwide promoting the public interest and the attraction of investments to the country.


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