Macaé Airport has lost business opportunities

undertaking that should be a symbol of the resumption of the oil and gas sector of the municipality of Macaé, the airport of the city, has assortment effect otherwise. Without commercial flights since 2015, due to the lack of landing conditions and takeoffs, Macaé airport has lost opportunities to offer transfer to oil companies and service providers, who are obliged to change the plane by bus to transport their Executives. and thus reducing productivity.

The lack of investments also affects the hiring of professionals, since the increase in demand for people requires adequate transport and, at the current juncture, the transit of labor by the airport is unfeasible. With the lack of resources from Infraero, the government sees privatization as a solution to the impasse, however, the political quarrel between Rio de Janeiro and the Holy Spirit jeopardizes the bidding.

The federal government intends to auction the Macaé airport and the victory/ES airports together. The bidding in blocks is part of a strategy that seeks to group terminals by business vocation and merge surplus and deficit into a single "package".  In this way, the best bid guarantees two airports.

The Government of the Holy Spirit questions the model of the auction claiming that the value received by the state will be less than if the terminals were auctioned separately, since the Capixaba airport was newly and the de Macaé is deficit and old.

The Fluminense government is in favour of joint bidding, because it sees a way to boost the works and to launch the airport. According to estimates, over 30 years of concession should be injected into the terminal about R $324 million, being some immediate demands, such as the construction of a new track. A chance for "gold" to reerect the deficit airport. This tug of war should be set soon by the federal government.

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