AL: Petrobras begins sale of oil fields

Petrobras initiated the teaser stage of the sale of its participation in seven oil fields, located in the state of Alagoas in this Wednesday (17). The concessions are for production in a pole that includes six land fields and a maritime field located in shallow water. The teaser can be found on the Petrobras website.

In 2019 alone, these fields produced about 2,348 barrels of oil and condensate per day, in addition to 856,000 cubic meters of gas. The land fields are Anambé, Arapaçu, Cidade de São Miguel dos Campos, Furado, Pilar and São Miguel dos Campos.

In addition to concessions and production facilities in these fields, the negotiation also includes the Natural Gas Processing Unit of Alagoas, responsible for processing all the gas from the fields. It's worth remembering that the commercialization of the Alagoas hub is part of the strategy of selling petrobras assets.


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