Alaska is taken out of oil and gas planning

The White House, home of the U.S. presidency, made an announcement stating that to protect the regional ecosystem and coastal communities, the Norton Basin planning area and parts of the São Mateus area, North Bering Sea, Alaska, were withdrawn from Planning for future oil and gas leasing.

However, the five-year lease plans issued by the Department of the Interior do not include financial leasing plans in the areas withdrawn, so there will be no need for changes. The total area where there will be planning equals 40,300 square miles.

According to the White House, the space that will not be leased covers 112,300 square miles and represents a highly productive oceanic high-latitude ecosystem, aggregating one of the largest seasonal migrations of marine mammals in the world, including thousands of Whales, hundreds of thousands of walsas, ice seals and millions of migratory birds.


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