Alibaba and Aramco: Banks will have to split profit

Documents released last Thursday (21), revealed that 17 banks will split the payment of up to $32.3 million by the list of Alibaba in Hong Kong, which will raise up to $12.9 billion for Chinese giant e-commerce. Earlier this week, sources told Reuters that banks working in saudi Aramco’s IPO (initial public offering) will split fees worth 0.35% of the amount collected, i.e. raising US$ 25.6 billion, rates would reach $90 million.

In this way, Alibaba’s $13 billion listing in Hong Kong and Saudi Aramco’s initial $26 billion public offering won’t get offer a big gain to stock bankers.

The numbers get even worse compared to $300 million banks have earned from Alibaba’s record IPO of $25 billion in 2014. The record payment was $550 million that banks won with the Visa’s $19.6 billion IPO in New York in 2008.


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