High oil stimulates companies to invest in Brazil

From 2014, when commodity prices began to fall, the Brazilian wells had a big fall of investments of foreign companies. However, with the current value of the oil in the world, some multinationals such as the French Total, the Norwegian Statoil and Australian Karoon announced that plans to turn his exploring the sea of Brazil.

According to information reported in the tabloid economic value, this year the company Total will invest $300 million dollars in the first exploratory cycle in ultra-deep waters of the mouth of the Amazon basin, off the coast of Amapá. Until 2020, the company provides drilling nine Wells in the region. As Statoil, the company informed that it will begin drilling the State's coast, where he obtained the concession of four blocks awarded in the 11th round of the ANP Bidding.

Australian Karoon already, the claims are to open two wells in the post-salt layer of Santos basin, with the intention to better assess the discovery of oil in the Echidna-1, in block s-m-1102. Also according to the value, the fact that the price of the barrel above $50 is spurring oil companies to return from their investments in Brazil. What, indeed, is excellent news for the national petroleum and great opportunity of job vacancies Brazilian professionals.


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