High risk and work rewards

For boarding platforms and ship probes, professionals before they climb the helicopters for a journey of 20, 30 min to 1 hour, wear vests in strong orange, preventive necessary if there is an accident on the way – the strong color, in contrast to the deep blue of the sea , you can make the location easier. They also use a blue ball vest, over the orange, and closed shoes, and hand baggage is not allowed. Already the cell phones are sealed in plastic bags until the release on board the ship, on the platforms are prohibited.

In Macaé Airport, which is 192 km from the river, is the starting point of dozens of helicopters to 54 platforms that Petrobras operates in the Campos basin. The Brazilian state has today the equivalent of 120 platforms in operation, where they work more than 10000 professionals on daily days of 12 hours, for 14 consecutive day, or in the case in the boats 30 days of work, 12h per day, for 30 of rest. In return, depending on the ship and the workplace, those who work in this high stress and risk service receive 30% of additional salaries, have no expense while embarked and slack up to 21 days. One of the companies that provide boarding and landing services to the platforms and FPSO is the Costa do Sol. The executive Yuri Golosov, commercial director of the helicopter company says that in recent months is working full time.

Every sound warning signal is necessary for professionals to take their time to the predetermined places. Everything happens inside control rooms, which command and watch the production 24 hours a day on screens of 17 computers and monitors of three televisions. At one of the extremes of the platform there are dormitories, restaurant and offices and meeting room with giant table, comfortable chairs, sofas, projectors, TV, Internet, air-conditioning, coffee and minibar, this on a platform, that many workers feel isolated, but Others are addicted to dodging retirement.

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