Amapaenses are exempt from paying electricity bill for a month

A law exempting amapaenses affected by the blackout of November 3, 2020 from paying the bill of enegia was published on Tuesday (27), in the Official Gazette. It all started when a fire hit the transformer of a power substation in the capital Macapá, which caused the blackout in the state. Thus, law no. 14,146/2021 determined that consumers in 13 of the 16 cities of Amapá, who were without power for about 80 hours, will not have to pay the electricity bill for one month.

According to information from Agência Brasil, the law originated by Provisional Measure (MP) 1.010/2020, approved on March 30 in Congress. President Bolsonaro, however, chose to veto the stretch that would exempt low-income consumers from Amapá from three extra invoices of electricity, in addition to the 30 days already exempted by the MP.

Thus, the exemption that would be given with the amount left over from the R$ 80 million released to offset the initial benefit was vetoed. According to the government, the veto of this stretch was necessary because the exemption of tariffs would generate new expenses to the public coffers. Despite this, the veto will still be appreciated by parliamentarians, who will be able to keep it or overthrow it.


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