Amazonas Energia and BR sign debt discharge

This week, Amazonas Energia signed an agreement with BR Distribuidora for the anticipated discharge of debt of R $1.474 billion. The billionaires debt that the subsidiary of Amazonas owned with the distributor was paid for a single payment. The date for the completion of the operation was scheduled for the next day 27, before the announcement of submission was published.

The debt, entered in the instrument of debt Confession (DCI), signed on April 30, 2018, predicted 20 monthly installments and was guaranteed by Eletrobras – former parent of Amazonas Energia – until October 2019, when the new partners of Amazonas Energia Should replace it with other warranties, says BR.

“This agreement is an important step in the management of the receivables of BR, and the resources resulting from this operation will complement the management of the cash to face the different operational and financing needs of the company in the implementation of its agenda of value, “the distributor also said.

Amazonas Energia was privatized in December last year through a consortium between Oliveira Energia and the fuel distributor Atem, which won the auction presenting a single offer by the company of energetic distribution. The negotiation was completed in April of this year.

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