Amazonas Energia can terminate its operations

In a statement made last Thursday (18), Wilson Ferreira Jr, president of Eletrobras, said that Amazonas Energia must have its activities closed, if it cannot be sold at the next auction that takes place on October 25th. The company is the most indebtedness among the six distributors of the electric Power company, totaling a deficit of about R $20 billion, being r $15 billion only with Petrobras.

The liquidation of Amazonas Energia had already been considered in previous assemblies. The closure of the subsidiary's operations will result in the dismissal of hundreds of workers who would raise the current unemployment rate in the country, which already reaches almost 13 million Brazilians. In addition to cutting employees, the company's debts would be fully assumed by Eletrobras.

For 34 opposed votes and 18 favorable, the Senate rejected the project that enabled the privatization of all energy distributors of Eletrobras. The senators voted the text when four subsidiaries had already been sold.  The aim of the project was to make these state's more attractive to the private sector. The result of the vote made the possibility of selling the distributor of Amazonas even more undefined. After the rejection, the bill will now be filed.

Those interested in buying Amazonas Energia should present their proposals to date (22). In addition, Companhia Energetica de Alagoas (ceal) also remains under uncertainty. The state had its auction suspended by judicial decision issued in June by the Minister of STF Ricardo Lewandowski.

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