Amber Energy will import gas to thermoelectric in Mato Grosso

The Ministry of Mines and Energy authorised Amber Energy, Electric group J&F, owner of JBS Food Company, to engage in natural gas import activities until December 31, 2019, according to the Official Gazette of the Union.
The authorized operation aims to supply the thermoelectric Mário Covas in Mato Grosso, after Petrobras closed in June last year its contract to supply the gas with Amber, claiming that the company disobeyed anti-corruption clauses of the agreement between the Parts.
The mechanism allows the import of up to 2.3 million cubic meters of gas per day of Bolivia, under extraordinary conditions, with transport by the Lateral pipeline-Cuiabá. The Ministry of Mines and Energy renews an authorization that had been guaranteed to the former owner of the plant Mário Covas, the energy producing company (EPE). Source: Uol Economics
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