South America should have 50 new FPSOs until 2020

According to a report from GlobalData, South America will have the largest number of planned units of storage and discharge of floating production (FPSOs) until 2020, with 21 of the total expected from 50.

It is expected that the beginning of some of FPSOs is postponed due to the reduction of capital expenditures. Since July 2016, 18 of the 50 new FPSOs were delayed and an FPSO was paralyzed. No new FPSO was announced or canceled since July 2016.

In terms of implementation, it is expected that Brazil has the largest number of FPSO planned until 2020 at 19, followed by the United Kingdom, Angola and Nigeria with seven, five and four, respectively.

The world's largest FPSO operator until 2020 will be Petrobras, operating Fpso 15 in Brazil, followed by Royal Dutch Shell and Bumi Armada Offshore Holdings operating three and two FPSOs, respectively.

Continental Africa analysis lead globally deploying FPSOs until 2020, while Angola and Nigeria will deploy five and four FPSOs, respectively. In Europe, the United Kingdom will lead the region with the deployment of seven new FPSOs until 2020 and Norway with two new FPSOs.

It is expected that five and two FPSO designed to be deployed, respectively, in Asia and in North America until 2020. In the Middle East and in Oceania, one and two new FPSOs, respectively, are expected to start operations.


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