American company prepares to start drilling of the blocks killed

The company ExxonMobil initiated two environmental licensing measures for the exploration of the areas that were put to the ground, since September, 14th and 15th rounds and the 3rd, 4th and 5th Pre-salt auctions. In total, there will be 22 wells for drilling, two of which are terrestrial, the Titan block and the C-M-789 block.

For excavation, the state intends to use as a base to support the areas of Nitshore, in Niterói, or Porto do Açu, in São João da Barra. In the areas of the Campos and Santos Basin, the exploration forecast is up to 17 wells including the C-M-753, C-M-789, S-M-536, S-M-647 blocks.  In the areas of the C-M-07 and C-M-067 blocks, the opening of up to five exploratory wells is foreseen.

The state has already participated in 26 exploratory areas located in Sergipe-Alagoas, Ceará, Potiguar, Campos Basin and Santos Basin, which represents a dismount of the national heritage of the regions of important sources for the economy of the country. Be sure to follow the Panorama Offshore and stay informed about everything what happens in the market of oil, gas, energy, gasoline, fuels, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Visit the portal of Offshore Panorama. Your business goes through here. Check out: and


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