ANEEL: aid for distributors can reach R $ 16 billion

Last Tuesday (26), the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) reported that the loan offered to energy distributors can reach R $ 16.1 billion. The amount, which exceeds the initial expectation of R$ 15.4 billion, is called a Covid account and aims to ensure liquidity in the electricity sector, shaken by the drop in sales and the increase in delinquen

cy. According to data released by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) last Monday (25), since the beginning of the pandemic, the level of default in the sector increased by 10 percentage points. Energy consumption fell 14%, with an impact of R$ 5.5 billion on the sector's revenue.

In addition to the loan, the agency also decided to keep the green tariff flag triggered until December 31, 2020, that is, removing the collection of extra tariff on the electricity bill of Brazilians for this year. Remembering that the sector has already received a contribution of R$ 900 million, for the payment of electricity bills from low-income consumers, and in addition, ANEEL has released R$ 2 billion of balances of energy negotiations for distributors and companies operating in the free market. On the other hand, it also suspended for three months the possibility of cutting the supply by default. H

owever, distributors say that the loan resolves the short-term situation and that the effects of falling demand on their business will only be resolved in revisions


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