ANEEL maintains power cut ban

The National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) approved, last Tuesday (21), the revision of normative resolution no. 878/2020, which establishes a set of measures to ensure the continuity of the power distribution service amid the pandemic. With the approval, the ban on power cuts for non-payment for consumers classified as low income goes until the end of 2020. 

Initially, the deadline for the ban on the cut of light would go until July 31, but the agency decided to extend the date to those benefited by the Social Tariff of Electric Energy. In addition to low-income consumers, people who are not receiving a printed invoice, consumers in places where there is no collection post and who use equipment essential to life will also benefit from the new term.

However, from August 1, the possibility of power cuts for residential consumers and those related to the supply of energy to services and activities considered essential will be allowed again, provided that consumers are revived.


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