ANEEL reactivates tariff flag system

Last Monday (30), the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) decided to reactivate the system of tariff flags from December due to the fall in the level of reservoirs of hydroelectric plants. The red flag level 2 was established, with a cost of R$ 6,243 for every 100 kilowatt hours consumed.

The decision was taken in an extraordinary meeting, and according to a statement released by the agency, the agreement was to keep the green flag on hold until December 31 of this year, but with the situation of the hydroelectric plants and the resumption of energy consumption, the situation changed. 

The system of tariff flags acts as a signal for the consumer of electricity to know, month by month, the conditions and costs of generation in the country. When production in hydroelectric plants (cheaper energy) is favorable, the green flag is activated, with no increases in tariff. In bad conditions, yellow, red 1 or red flags 2 can be triggered.

"With the announcement of the red flag level 2 it is important that consumers seek to avoid wasting water and energy," SAID ANEEL Director General André Pepitone in a statement released by the agency.


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