Aneel Reviews Distributed Generation rules

This week, the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) Announced that it will open public consultancy to reassess the rules of generation Distributed (GD). This modality is characterized by the production of energy Consumption in households, for example through panels Solar or other renewable sources. Contributions may be received Between October 17th and November 30th.

Aneel’s director, Rodrigo Limp, said the goal of the Regulation is to avoid costs for users who do not enjoy the new Technological solutions. The resolution began in 2012 and deals with the micro and Minigeration in energy distribution. Therefore, the customer can consume or The net to inject its production and the surplus is credited to the next account Of light.

The rules, which already provide incentive subsidies to the Practice, will now be revised with the proposed reduction of values. These are currently charged to all consumers, including those who are not Adopt the practice and only use energy from the Distributor.


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