ANEEL: Understand more about social fare exemption

Last Tuesday (14), the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) released answers to some of the most frequent questions about the application of Provisional Measure (MP) 950/2020. The MP, created in the current pandemic scenario, provides a discount in tariffs of 100% for the share of electricity consumption of up to 220 kilowatts/hour per month (kWh/month) for the beneficiaries of the social tariff.

According to ANEEL, invoices issued from April 1st and June 30th of this year are backed by the MP. Thus, they will already be issued according to the new discounts, regardless of the period of consumption. It is worth remembering that the limit of invoices is up to three for each consumer unit. In addition, the new discount will already be applied immediately, without the need for regulation by the agency.

Another important point is the tariff flags. During this month is in force the green flag, which does not allow additional charging to consumers. However, if the yellow or red flags are to be triggered, the low-income consumer will be entitled to the discount. That is, the addition of the flag will also be zeroed until the consumption of 220 kWh.

In the case of invoices that have already been issued, it is necessary to make the rebilling according to the new MP. However, if the invoice has already been paid, the settlement must be made to the next account. In the case of invoices issued that have not yet been issued, the consumer will need to contact ANEEL to receive another invoice or the corresponding barcode.

Finally, the collection of ICMS will continue to be carried out, since ANEEL does not regulate the application of taxes. Thus, the tax application must be maintained as provided for in the related legislation. The customer can also request the issue of the invoice only with the collection of taxes.

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