Aneel wants to break the contract of Eletrosul with the Ministry of Mines and Energy

Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) proposed to the Ministry of Mines and Energy the breach of concession contract with Eletrosul, for construction of approximately 2000 kilometers of transmission lines auctioned since 2014.

If the ministry adopts Aneel's request, the transmission lines must be included in the next auction that is scheduled for December. What causes delays in the production and construction of the lines, leaving both the state and the population concerned. According to information from the agency, the decision was made because the Eletrosul failed to maintain its production and so little finish the works for lack of money. The company came to negotiate partnership with Chinese company Shanghai, but it was not successful.

For the deployment of the transmission lines would be necessary investment of more than $4 billion and would entail about 200,000 jobs. According to the Director-General of Aneel, André Pepitone, there are several wind farms that are being hampered by the transmission lines have not been built.

In addition to the damage to the state, the population also suffers from the decay of production and execution of the lines, since many vacancies of jobs were not fulfilled because of this. Even with inclusion in the next energy auction the damage continues, since the lines were planned to be completed this year were transferred to 2022.

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