Angra 3 is disputed by foreigners

The federal government should auction 49% of the assets of Angra 3 to complete the works, with the objective of expanding the nuclear park in the national territory, which can generate eight more plants throughout the country, in the southeast and Northeast regions. Stakeholders are Rosatom (Russia), China National Nuclear Corporation (China), EDF (France) and Westinghouse (USA). It will win the group that has the highest funding capacity to afford the works.

Only for the completion of the works of Angra 3, it is necessary a value valued at about $3.8 billion, with expectation to enter into operation until 2026. All expenses will be under the responsibility of the private company that wins the auction and has a stake of 49% of the plant. The remaining 51% will remain under the control of the Union.

According to information, the Government also studies the possibility of carrying out something called "a combination of plants", which is to assign another plant to those who are the buyer of Angra 3. Currently, Brazil has two plants in operation (Angra 1 and 2), which represent 1.1% of the power generation in the country.

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