ANP approves new resolution effective for five years

Seeking improvement in its regulation, the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) has revoked more than 339 regulatory standards to consider them outdated. In this way, the Agency's rules now have now, on average, five years of, compared to the previous 11 years, thus reaching the target for the year 2018.

The measure, which was published in the Official Gazette on February 16, through Resolution No. 668/2017 ANP added to ANP Resolution No. 27/2014 and the ANP No 374/2016, allowed revocation of a total of 583 normative acts since 2014.

According to the Agency's information, stock management aims to systematize the analysis of existing regulations and, consequently, identifies so those should be revised or eliminated, achieving a normative consolidation and reduction of quantitative standards. "This process results in promoting the improvement of the business environment through the improvement of existing regulations," says the note ANP.

The Agency also concludes that eliminating unnecessary rules facilitates the management and consultation of the regulatory stock of ANP by both of society and the market.  "The conclusion of this process represents a further step towards the improvement of regulatory quality in the PA," concludes the note.


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